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        Tutoring - Drawing and Painting

        Teaching art to the next generations

        I am open to tutoring by the hour at £50 per hour, for groups.

        Currently, I have one afternoon (Thursday) per week with Caterham Art Group but am happy to take private pupils studying classic drawing and painting skills.

        I make a point of not encouraging a style but developing an individual's talent by teaching how to “see” in line, tone, negative and positive shapes, for “figurative art”.

        I am not currently in education so my knowledge of A level and O level curricula is sketchy, but the basis of all figurative and even abstract art is as I have described.

        Students are understandably hurt by criticism but I try to temper negative comments with positive ones.

        As my old tutor Ken Bates used to say,

        “The quicker you make your first 1,000 mistakes, the quicker you will learn”