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        About Richard Waldron

        I spent over 40 years as a graphic designer, producing magazines, publicity ephemera, corporate branding programmes et cetera

        I tutor art for a couple of hours weekly, and occasionally run a life drawing class. See Tutoring page. 

        I work both in my studio and 'en plein air', using light, and colour theory, and telling a 'visual story'.

        I have exhibited with the

        Along with various Galleries, and applied art at


        "I really enjoy your art, especially the visceral, landscape paintings. Each piece conveys a sense of endless wonder and imagination. Your stylistic approach reminds me of reflections, memories and dreams combined with reality. I find these works to be thoughtful, moving, and I'd like to know more about them."
        Marija Posso, curator based in New York


        I started life as a navigation officer after schooling at Pangbourne (Nautical) College in the 1950s. I joined Booth Line as an apprentice and then a junior navigation officer on the South American / Amazon run.

        I studied at the old Croydon School of Art in the 1960s, attended classes at Central School of Art and the London School of Printing. I worked as a graphic designer until 2007, employed at Pitman Books, Hodder & Stoughton and IPC Magazines.

        I then set up in private practice, giving time also to teaching in Universities/Colleges of Art including Hull, Norwich, Epsom, Croydon and Reigate. I taught Painting at Ruxley Lane, Epsom and in Dorking. I am also practiced as a professional photographer, learned from my time in IPC as an art director. I am now working as a fine artist and photographer from my Biggin Hill studio.

        I have exhibited at the Painters and Stainers Fine Art and Crafts Society, the Dorking Group of Artists, The Guildhall Gallery, amongst others, and at Saatchi Gallery online. I am now selling work through this website. 


        Artist Statement

        I paint mainly landscape and figure work, still-life and portraiture. I strive to make reality more than real, telling a story in geometrically based compositions whilst using light and colour in my own "handwriting".

        I am influenced by Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso, Singer Sergeant and Gill. I have worked towards a post-impressionist style, though return to 'academic' drawing from time to time. I am now moving towards conceptual renderings. 

        I hate the lack of observational skills seen in much 'conceptual art' which I see as less ‘art’, more ‘craft’. Artists such as Hockney and Hopper in the USA are excellent examples of  modern representational art backed by excellent drafting skills.

        I believe creative photography can also now be an art form, since one can manipulate, mix and change photographic compositions to become "Art". I like to experiment with images as art forms, though these will always lack the ‘handwriting’ of an artist's style. Photography captures the 'the moment', whereas good art tells a story. (Aka Guernica, Venus de Milo, the David et al in classic art history).



        In 2015 I won Bronze Frame in the International ArTTable Be Still competition with a watercolour still life and also had 4 other pieces exhibited.

        In 2020 I won the SAA Best Professional Still Life Artist of the Year.

        I also won a Merit Award with LightSpaceTime in the USA for my landscape work in the 10th Annual "Open" 2020 Art Exibition.

        I was shortlisted for the Pastel Society exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London, 2015. I was awarded a Certificate of Excellence for the ArtaVita competition as well as being invited to hang my work at their New York Gallery.